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While passionate about low priced taxi insurance, we at High Gear understand that the industry is in a time of change, with recent reports revealing that as a whole, the industry saw a £100 rise on the average car insurance policy last year. However, in the technology-driven, advanced times that we are in, surely car insurance should be on its way down?

Where whiplash fraud, theft and untruthful policy details traditionally hiked up rates, it appears without these threats, prices are still high. Escalating sharply over the past few months, rates have risen 12%, up to an average of £572 from £525 in August.

Kevin Pratt, the consumer affairs expert at MoneySuperMarket, agrees, feeling such advancements to car security over the past ten years means consumers should see a decrease in price.

Mr Pratt suggested that while “logic dictates the cost of car insurance should be getting lower”

“The Government has committed to introducing reforms to tackle whiplash fraud, but we’ve heard this story before and need to see concrete action that brings down premium inflation as a matter of urgency.

“It’s important for every motorist approaching renewal to run a quote to find the best price for their next year’s policy. Simply rolling the policy over with the same insurer – what’s known as ‘auto-renewal’ – means you’re almost certainly paying more than you need to.”

How we calculate rates

Here at High Gear, we work in a manner that supports drivers, looking at the bigger picture when calculating rates. This nature, paired with an extensive panel, means we can provide a wealth of proposals to get you covered, seeing drivers pick from a vast selection of features and prices. So, whether you are looking for a Multi-car policy, taxi insurance, or new driver cover, be sure to get in touch today and enjoy a free, no-obligation quote.